Autumn Bucket List #5

Make an Autumn cushion.

OK I didn’t make any of the cushions in the picture, but this is one I haven’t done yet. It’s a pretty easy craft to do with many possibilities. You can choose different colours, designs, shapes and sizes. It can even be Halloween themed. You can also choose whether to close with a zip, Velcro, buttons, have the back folded over, or just sew the cushion into the cover. Here are some tutorials to try:

Patchwork Cushion       Difficulty: Medium

Scrap Buster                      Difficulty: Harder (fiddly bits sewing required)

Acorn Cushion                 Difficulty: Easy

This is a link within a link with various Autumn-themed cushion tutorials

This links to a website that allows you to download patterns for just about anything. I highly recommend this site if you’re interesting in making crafts, it provides both free and pay for patterns, which you download straight to you computer instantly. All instructions needed are included in the pattern. You will have to create and account to get patterns which isn’t a big hassle. It is set up like a shopping website, so you will have to complete a checkout. If it’s a free pattern then you still won’t be charged anything. Enjoy!

Another link within a link website containing 30 cushion ideas.

This site provides patterns and tutorials for cushion appliques.

The final site provides a simple tutorial on how to make a no-sew cushion, substituting a sewing machine for a hot glue gun (a staple in every crafter’s arsenal).

Also, don’t overlook the usefulness of Pinterest. I always have it open, just in case. I swear by it. Anytime I am planning anything I make a new Pinterest board.

So there are plenty of ideas from making Autumn cushions here. I’ll be having an in-depth look at these so I can make my own. xxx


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